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Thanksgiving is Coming….How will my dogs react to company?

It’s not time to panic, but I do like to plan ahead. During Thanksgiving weekend, the kitchen will smell of pumpkin and turkey, the aroma filling the house like a magic mist. And I know my dogs will be easy to trip over as I scurry from stove to counter, stuffing turkey and making pumpkin pies.

For Guests Who Are Allergic to Dogs
Do you invite the person in who is allergic to dogs? Well, they always have a chance to say “no”, knowing you have a dog. Let’s face it. I probably am NOT going to clean the house from floor to ceiling, including the carpets, couch and chairs. I would simply make the offer, and remind her in a polite way, “I still have the dogs…and 2 cats.” I think she would certainly say “no”, she’s made other plans.

Calming the dogs
I use to put up a baby gate at the kitchen, but quite frankly, it was in my way going from table to kitchen.

Luckily, my dogs are no longer puppies. They tend to lay down under the table during dinner, not looking for hand outs. They just want to be close to people. You wouldn’t even know they were there. They don’t bark. They don’t jump on people.

If company comes to the door and your dog starts to jump in greeting to Aunt Nancy, take Aunt Nancy by the hand to steady her and ask her to step forward.
It throws the dog off balance and the dog will retreat quickly.

If you haven’t trained your dog as yet, Thanksgiving with all the guests, and the doors opening and closing, the voices, the clatter and the commotion may be too much for your dog.

If you don’t think your dog will do well in a crowd, have a plan. If it’s too cold to put him in the back yard, away from the crowd, what are you going to do? If he won’t stop clawing at young Chad, what are you going to do? If you lock him up in a bedroom, is he going to scratch continually at the door?

There’s at least 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. Train your dog!

You need to train your dog to LISTEN to you and mind your commands. He should mind your hand signals so you don’t have to scream over the din.

Teach your dog “Down” above all things. Your simple hand signal should get him to comply, and as the Alpha Dog head of the pack, his eyes should be on you for commands.

So in the end, you’ll have a wonderful meal, rested guests, and a happy dog or dogs that will simply enjoy the company.

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