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Sale of unsterilized dogs and cats prohibited?

Hawaii sounds like a wonderful paradise, but recently in 2012 the legislature is considering a bill that will make it illegal to sell a cat or dog unless it has already been spayed or neutered.

In 10 years or less, what sort of pet population would you expect in our 50th state?  No kittens.  No puppies.  And I imagine any imported animal would have to fall under the same law — if they make this into law.  How many other states would adopt this same law in the continental U.S.?

I was raised with cats and kittens, dogs and puppies.  We always found homes for the offspring without a problem.  And raising cats especially was a great learning experience with the kittens.  I cannot imagine that a state would even attempt such a law — which has not been passed as yet.  It is only under consideration.

It does sound like the state is shutting down puppy mills.  And that probably is a good thing.  The law will not apply to shelters or humane societies, so it sort of sounds like the shelters and humane societies will be the only ones breeding pets.  I’m not sure what sort of trickle down effect that will have in the future.  Shelters will be the new puppy farms perhaps.  They will certainly have total control on the population, and maybe that is for the good.  There won’t have the inbreeding of poodles and labradors = labdoodle.  But I feel sorry for the cat or dog who would have loved to have at least one litter before being fixed.

And I’m sure there will be some underground breeding farms that will be illegal, and therefore the price of a non-spayed or neutered pet will go sky-high.  Most people won’t be able to afford them, nor will they be able to take them to a veterinarian for annual care, as they would be reported as illegal.

I’m curious if the state of Hawaii is actually trying to rid the islands of pets, period.  It wouldn’t take long to rid the islands of all but the very old cats and dogs if all the pets were to be fixed.  But at what price to the community, and to the children?

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