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Something about a dog…

Something about a dog…

We’ve had our history with dogs, ever since I was growing up, we always had dogs — yes that is plural.  Don’t always plan on getting a dog.  It just happens.

Prince was the head of the pack back in 1950, collie-shepherd mix.  Back then we affectionately called him a “mutt” — Heinze 57 variety (that was ketchup in the ’50’s).  Today they would probably say he was a “designer dog”.  Prince would chase any car on the street going over the speed limit.  And he and most of the dogs in the neighborhood would just run wild when they wanted.  No leash laws back then.  Still, we had the responsibility for the dog, and even on his own, he had to be well mannered.  He was a friend for life.

Bandit (short haired, large mutt) came from a shelter in Sarasota, Florida.  He was an aggressive dog that was nearly put down.  He definately need a more aggressive training, but turned out to be a great dog.

Then came Patches (Beagle mix)who had some problems (barking, digging)  and his owner didn’t want him anymore.

Sheba was a Chow mix that we shaved often in Miami, Florida.  The breed has too much fur for Miami climate.  Sheba grew up with the kids and would growl at my husband when he tried to scold the kids.  Alpha dog training was necessary with Sheba.

Wolf (shepherd mix) was found laying in the grass on one of our walks with the kids.  He wouldn’t move, only wimpered as if he’d been struck by a car.  When I returned with the car to take him to the vets and opened the door, Wolf jumped up, wagged his tail, and trotted into the back seat.  We gave him food and water and advertised for his owners.  Never heard from anyone.  Wolf was a good dog, until he ate my son’s science project — raising Tilapia fish in a pond.

Indie (Australian herding dog mix) was named after “Indiana Jones” — an adventurer.  That dog could climb trees.  He must have thought he was part cat.  He just wasn’t very good about getting back down.

Bama is a Blue Healer that was brought to me.  He survived Hurricane Katrina and was brought back from Alabama by a construction crew.  She must be about 8 years old, and defiant in every way.  But even at her age, it didn’t take long to train an old dog.  It took only two sessions to get her to walk on a leash without pulling, and obeying simple commands like “come”, “sit”, and “down”.

I can’t imagine not having a pet, dogs, cats, lots of kittens, sometimes hamsters, snakes, mice and fish.  Looking back, I guess we had more than our share, but it seemed perfectly natural at the time.  And I feel having pets is very important to a child when they’re growing up, as well as providing good company.

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