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Report Animal Abuse

Animal abuse is not just bad, it is a crime in the United States and many other countries as well.

To report abuse, contact, you can locate a local chapter using your zip code in the United States.

This is a short list of signs of abuse.  Some of these may surprise you. **

  • The dog’s collar is so tight that it has caused a wound on the animal or is embedded in the skin.
  • An open wound or signs of injury that is not being treated.
  • Skin condition that is causing loss of hair, patches of scaly skin rashes
  • Weakness, limping or inability to stand or walk
  • Inadequate grooming, extreme matting of the fur, overgrown nails **
  • fur infested with fleas, ticks **
  • extremely thin
  • pets are kept outside in extreme heat or extreme cold without shelter
  • pets are tied up alone outside for extended time without food or water, or unsanitary water
  • Pets are kept in an area filled with feces or garbage, broken glass.
  • Animals are kept in an area or kennel that is too small for them.

In these economic times, it may be that your neighbor needs some help and can no longer care for their animals.  But the animal has no one else to turn to for help.  You can be that help.

If you see cruelty, we need to all work together to stop it.  You will need some proof if possible.  Write down time, date, event.  Thank heavens for cameras on cell phones.  You can report anonymously to either the police (animal cruelty is a crime)  or your local human society.  Don’t keep it to yourself.  You may save a life.


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