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Costumes for Dogs?!!

Mailman saddled on dog

"Giddy up"

Do they do this everywhere? — of just in the United States?

Am curious.  You see a cute little beagle, his ears hanging over a stuffed orange shirt and he’s dressed like a large pumpkin.  Or better yet, headgear that looks like antlers at Christmas time.

Trick or Treat?  Is it cute?  Is it sad?
For some great Costume Ideas, check out
What we put our pets through!
Would like a wild vote regarding your thoughts on “should we, or shouldn’t we”…or do some of us have nothing better to do?
Give me a minute, Target has a “hot dog” costume I think would look “adorable” on Patches.  No.  I think my dog would growl and shake the the thing off, but not before he’d tear it to shreads.
Personally, I think a dog should be a dog….even on Halloween….and Christmas.
And actually, when we take those “cute” photos….does the dog look happy? — guess it depends on the dog.
What do you think?

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