Making the Bathroom Pet Safe

12 Mar

Making your bathroom pet safe sounds like overkill.  But if you’ve ever had a puppy or cat in the bathroom overnight and they have chewed through the supply line on the toilet,this will save you a lot of money as oposed to paying an extreme water bill.

Yes, it can happen, and has happened to me.  Besides the mess of a flooded bathroom and having to replaced the vinyl tile that came up, the bill from the water department was slightly more than $180 more than normal.  And if I had thought about it, it only takes a few moments to make the bathroom pet safe.

  • Turn the supply line valve off to the toilet so if it does get chewed, you don’t have an extreme bill.
  • For puppies especially, that soft, pliable line is a perfect size for a puppy to chew.  Wrap the line in a towel so he doesn’t find it.
  • Close the lid on the toilet so it doesn’t create a problem if your puppy exploring.
  • Make sure the tub doesn’t have any water in and is drained.
  • Make sure that the shampoo and medicines are off the floor so your puppy doesn’t accidently poison himself.

The bathroom is a small room that often is perfect to house a puppy/cat at night with his water and food dish.  It just takes a thoughtful moment to insure his safety.

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Posted by on March 12, 2012 in Beagle Problems


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