Animal Shelters: Don’t Forget Grant Monies Available

16 Jan

In 2011 The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) introduced a contest in order to get the area communities behind area shelters.  The community had to vote online to send their shelter to the challenge.  The top 50 agencies with the most votes would be the official contestants in the 2011 $100 Thousand grant challenge.

The first $100 thousand challenge began in 2010.  The whole idea was to help save animal lives.  They wanted to award the largest increase in lives saved of cats, kittens, puppies, and dogs beyond the minimum of 300 lives over a three-month period.

ASPCA website –

Congratulations to Austin Pets Alive in Texas that won the Grand Prize with more than 850 additional lives saved this year over last during August, September and October.  Second place Winner went to Human Society of South Mississippi with 835 more lives saved.  Five regional winners that collected $20,000 for their efforts are:  Greater Androscoggin Humane Society 629 lives, Ramona Hume Society with 476 lives saved, Humane Society of Greater Savannah with 414 lives saved. and Independence Animal service representing the Midwest Region with 400 additional saved lives.

It was the shelters that went to work across the country with some great ideas for more adoptions, getting creative.  Our Independence shelter in this area had Whisker Wednesdays for Shelter cats if the populations of cats rose above 85 per cent.  They instituted “30 Thursday” special program allowing cat adoption for free on Wednesdays.  Then they instituted “30 Thursday” allowing dogs housed for 30 days to be adopted for $30.  That’s where I found my “Patches”, a most lovable Beagle who wouldn’t have survived at the shelter much longer.

Kudos to the City of Independence Animal Shelter and all the others who found the grant monies available from the ASPCA and went for it.  Now of course, we’re waiting to see what will be offered in 2012 and hope the rest of the national also takes not and gets their community involved.  There were only 93 shelters across the nation that initially competed.  Can you imagine if we got the word out what we can do in 2012!

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