It’s Illegal to Kill a Neighbor’s Pet

10 Jan

Patches & Jack
Cats & Dogs playing together

I grew up with cats and dogs and never knew there was a problem. But when I moved, I realized a lot of people believe they can never get along. That’s sad when people train their dogs to chase or worse, kill cats.

Granted some dogs seem to be bred that way.  I guess of just never owned one.  We’ve had shepherds, collies, lots of mix breeds, cattle dogs, chows, beagles, blue heelers.  And they all got along fine.

If you have a dog that chases or kills cats, realize that it is illegal to kill a neighbor’s pet.  You need to retrain that dog, and quickly.

A few years ago our tiger cat, “Tiger” was sunning himself in the front yard.  Two large dogs were running up the street and spotted her.  I ran for a baseball bat and was outside in a moment.

“Tiger” was use to dogs and stood up, arching her back.  I ran at the dogs trying to scare them away, flailing the bat.  In an instant, one of the dogs grabbed our cat and flung it a few feet away, while the other dog was trying to fetch the small piece of fur.  I wailed at the wind, missing the dogs with the bat, but they finally ran away.

“Tiger” was still alive, and I went back into the house to get a cookie sheet so I could brace her limp body without further trauma and take her to the veterinarian.  I tried gently to move her unto the sheet, but I heard her spine snap.  All I could do was pet her and cry as she slowly passed away.

I was furious with these dogs, and their owner.  “Tiger” was the sweetest cat and belonged to my kids. Killing a neighbor’s pet, small dog or cat is illegal.

If you have a dog that chases or kills other small dogs or cats, fair warning.  It’s is illegal to kill a neighbor’s pet. Get your dogs trained BETTER!  Don’t say it’s the breed of dog because that is not an excuse.

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