Toilet tissue rolls……nerves unraveling

31 Aug

As short as a beagle is, you wouldn’t think they could even reach the toilet paper roll hanging on the wall.  I don’t know what it is about that paper, but once a beagle finds it, unraveling it seems to become his purpose in life to unravel it!  I swear I’ve gone through more toilet paper!

I know what you’re saying.  Why not just close the door to the bathroom?  But it’s hard to train everyone in the family to turn off the lights when they’re not in the room, let alone close the bathroom door!

But there is a way.  Loud sounds stop and startle the puppy a bit.  Putting about 5 marbles in the tissue roll …

helped. As they clatter to the floor, the puppy runs out of the
room. I just don’t know who will wear out first, the puppy or me replacing the

Actually, loud sounds seem to help on other beagle problems as
well: A short spurt on a whistle when he barks worked at first. But then,
that’s annoying to the neighbors as well. If they had a choice, they would
probably choose the barking.

(Actually I have found a quick “No!”, followed by a
quick jerk to his choker collar worked best when it came to barking.)

But at least we have removed the toilet paper from
“patches” list of toys.


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2 responses to “Toilet tissue rolls……nerves unraveling

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