Thoughts on crate training

16 Aug

Every year, millions of dog owners around the country learn how to keep their dogs in a crate or separate room when they leave the house so they can reduce anxiety, destructive behaviour, barking and as a means to potty training your puppy.  It is also a very valuable tool when trying to house break a new puppy and can make your life much easier if your dog insists on sleeping in your bed or on the couch.

The Value of a Crate to a Beagle

Whether you’re learning how to crate train your Beagle or just determining if it is safe for your pet, know that most Beagles love their crates.  In the wild, a Beagle will seek out a small, safe space to burrow into that will keep them warm and safe.  A crate performs that wonderfully, giving them a safe space that is theirs alone.  Beagles that have wide open spaces often have trouble differentiating their “home” from it, and will grow anxious trying to control and patrol the entire space.

Crates are not usually solidly built, but made of wire.  This works just fine, and your Beagle will eventually call it his own private dwelling.  I have found great choices available at  Petstreetmall and they include free shipping.

How to Crate Train a Dog

Ideally, you will crate train your dog as a puppy.  A full grown dog that has never been in a crate will have a harder time adjusting to the small space and may grow anxious.  A puppy will also be a bit upset but adapts much quicker, and if the puppy never has the option to sleep with you in your bed, it will likely not have anything to be upset about.

It is best to place the crate in the family room  where a lot of people will be. At night, you should put the crate in your bedroom to give them a safe presence nearby. Eventually, after a month or so, you should be able to leave them in one place, but for now, be close to keep them calm and safe.

When you put your puppy in the crate, make sure he has a clean, comfortable place to sleep. The crate should be only big enough for him to sleep in.  If he can walk around in it, he may make a mess in it. As long as the dog can turn around in the crate, it is comfortable for them, and not inhumane.  If you purchased a larger crate knowing the puppy would grow, just place a closed box on one end of the crate, allowing just enough room for the puppy to turn around in.

When learning how to crate train a dog, make sure you don’t pull your Beagle out of the crate if he gets upset.  This will only teach the puppy that if he makes a fuss, you’ll give him attention.  Make sure you only take the puppy out of the crate when he has been quiet for at least 15 minutes.  Then, greet him with a simple pat on the head and let him out.  Be sure not to give him a whole lot of attention, otherwise he will constantly beg to be let out.

At first, try to leave your puppy in the crate for short periods of time – an hour or two at a time. As he grows older, increase that time to match a full night of sleep or a day at work.

If you learn how to crate train a Beagle properly, you’ll be able to ensure your dog never gets too loud, destructive, or anxious when you leave. A puppy adapts quicker too, which is much less stressful for everyone in the house.


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